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SQL Server Database Mirroring Monitoring

SQL Server Database Mirroring keeps running all time to sync data between Principle & Mirror database. We need regular monitoring of Database Mirroring to ensure that everything is working fine.

We are monitor Database Mirroring by 2 ways :-

1) SSMS : Connect to Principle Server > Select Database > Right Click , Go to Task & Select Launch Database Mirroring Monitor

2) T-SQL Script : You can use sp_dbmmonitorresults system store procedure for the same. We care create customized scripts using this system store procedure for more detail output & email alerts.

database_name : Specifies the database for which to return mirroring status.


Specifies the quantity of rows returned:

0 = Last row

1 = Rows last two hours

2 = Rows last four hours

3 = Rows last eight hours

4 = Rows last day

5 = Rows last two days

6 = Last 100 rows

7 = Last 500 rows

8 = Last 1,000 rows

9 = Last 1,000,000 rows


0 = Does not update the status for the database.

1 = Updates the status for the database by calling sp_dbmmonitorupdate before computing the results.

Exec sp_dbmmonitorresults ‘<DB Name>’

Reference : Rohit Garg (http://mssqlfun.com/)

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